Welcome to API-Alternative Parts, Inc.-- your alternative solution for Amada manufacturing equipment parts and services. We provide high-quality parts tooled to the original OEM specifications, but at a significant discount to you, the customer. Our parts cost at least 10% less, and in some cases, we can cut your costs up to 70%!

However, our parts offer the same high performance and reliability as Amada America-made parts. We know Amada products inside and out, and we appreciate their quality just as you do. It's what got us into this business. Why, we even sell equipment and used machines through our division, Alternative Machinery Sales. Maybe we have one you need, but for substantially less money.

So take a look around, see what we have to offer, and how we can save you money on the same Amada parts you trust. Our offerings include parts, equipment, new Amada America products, and service for Amada America products. Also, if you can't find a part you need, be aware that we constantly expand our product line, and we're happy to discuss manufacturing new items. Just ask! Discussing your needs is one of our favorite parts of the job. Here at API, we're excited about listening to your needs and working to find solutions for you.

Amada Machinery Replacement Parts

If you know Amada machinery, you know that when you buy an Amada punch press, you're buying one of the finest in the industry. With higher precision, lower operating costs, longer run time, and faster completion of jobs than hydraulic machinery, an Amada punch press can be one of the best investments you make for you business.

Experienced customers know what a difference an Amada punch press makes to their productivity, but did you know that the servo turret drives of an Amada punch press will consume close to half the electricity of hydraulic machines? Amada punch presses also make less noise, add less heat to the machine shop, and require far fewer parts than their equivalent hydraulic punch presses.

Their parts need less frequent replacement, but prompt on-schedule replacement remains key to keeping these cutting-edge machines in top working order. That's where Alternative Parts, Inc. comes in. We are your alternative source for Amada parts and services. Why go to Amada when we can save you from 10% to 70% of the cost? Make a choice you'll be proud of, and try API.

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