Latest Questions

  1. How do I use my own shipping method or collect account?

    You can select "Ship Collect" during checkout step number 3.  When you select "Ship Collect", you should see more options appear below this method.  If you don't see anything appear, then your browser is not compatible with our site.  We recommend Google Chrome or FireFox.  Internet Explorer 7 or higher is also recommended.Please click this link and call us with the details shown for troubleshooting <click here>

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  2. How do I know if I need New Style Clamps Vs. Original Style Clamps?

    The Original Style Clamp (A0202-CBA), was offered for machines dated 1978 to approx. 1983.

    If you flip the assembly over, the Original Style Clamp (A0202-CBA) will have 6 mounting screws and 1 bearing.

    The New Style Clamp (A0201-CBA) has 4 mounting screws and 2 pins.

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  3. Does Alternative Parts supply parts for Amada machinery only?

    We concentrate our efforts on specializing parts for Amada equipment but also recognize the importance of keeping machines running with minimal downtime. With that being said, we welcome all requests for any machine tool application.

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  4. I can't find a product on the website. Does that mean that you don't carry it?

    We supply parts for many manufacturer's and try to update our online inventory on a regular basis.  If you can't find a product on our website, it doesn't mean that we don't carry it.  Please call or email us a request for the product in question as we will be more than happy to explore our resources.

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