PC Control Retrofit Details

Control Details and Wizard Software

Full Color Graphical Display
& Unlimited Parts Storage

.Features a Full Color, 15.1” Touch Screen

.Uses a standard hard-drive, which will allow for unlimited parts storage.

.With a digital display users can store and display photos of parts for future reference and training for new operators. This will save time and minimize errors.

.A color display allows you to color code tooling for organization

Wizard Software

.Create a new part right on the screen. This is a great option for prototyping a new part.There is also a base grid option.

.A Part simulation will simulate the Punch or Bend without actually operating the machine. Useful for error testing.

.The digital drawing will show you any errors in design, such as the part hitting the tool, so you can make necessary adjustments.
.The software automatically converts Gcode files to work with the wizard software. Any older parts you have created will not need to be redone.
.DXF files are able to be imported for Bend Wizard Parts.
.Tooling info from AMADA or the other companies can be imported to save time.
.Features the ability to add operators notes to your part files for future reference.

2D Graphical Programming & Part Simulation Unlimited Part Program Storage Lower Cost , Non-Proprietary Replacement Parts
Companies that have benefited from a PC Controls retrofit
American Airlines . General Electric . ABB Power T&D . Ingersoll Rand . Bell Helicopter . Johnson Controls . Boeing Aerospace
L-3 Communications . Case New Holland . Lockheed Martin . Caterpillar Corp . Emerson Network Power . Cooper Industries . NASA . Daikin McQuay Raytheon . Daimler Trucks . Siemens . Eaton Corporation . Schneider Electric . FMC Corporation
. United Technology